Bat Eviction

Bat Evictions can be complex. Identification of all entry points is key. Once these are located, installation of exit devices is completed along with sealing all other areas where they can enter. Follow up to remove exit devices and seal permanently. Bats are protected in NH and humane eviction is the best solution. Jobs are quoted individually, per property.

Rodent Services

Rodent entry is extremely common here in New England. We have developed a knowledge of these vermin and have been able to identify their main access points on most structures. While every home is different, the mice all attempt the same areas. We will permanently seal these areas and trap out interior mice. Jobs are quoted individually, per property. 

Squirrel Exclusion

Squirrel Exclusions are done in a humane approach where we use special one-way exit doors. This allows the squirrels to exit and not reenter. It is very important to locate the entry points and areas where with a little effort they can gain access to the home. Follow up to remove doors and permanently seal. Jobs are quoted individually, per property.

Relocation Services

We diligently try to relocate any and all  animals we come into contact with. If its a situation where the animal has become a nuisance and needs to be removed from a certain property, we have the ability to relocate them and do so when they are healthy, uninjured animals. 

Trapping Services

Trapping Services are available for all types of animals. This includes cage trapping (when appropriate) and lethal trapping for certain situations. Raccoon, Porcupine, Woodchuck and other ground critters are primarily done with cage traps and relocated. Beaver control is done with lethal traps. 

Emergency Removal

We offer Emergency Services 24 hours a day.  This includes bats inside homes/ businesses, squirrels and similar animals. Please note that an additional fee will apply outside out regular business hours.